Platelet Plasma Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial (PRP) – “Vampire Facial” *coming soon*

PRP or the “Vampire Facial” is the only non-surgical treatment that can achieve a similar look to a surgical facelift, with very little downtime and instant results. It harnesses the body’s natural healing response to promote radiance and youthful looking skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

Treatable areas include:

Crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles, sun damage, acne scarring and large pores

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Facial?

PRP or the “Vampire Facial” is a treatment that can achieve the results of a surgical facelift.

During the procedure blood is drawn from the client’s arm, platelets are separated and reinjected into the skin via micro needling. The platelets initiate the body’s natural healing response and stimulates collagen production right where you need it.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

It is the world’s first non-surgical facelift. Resulting in softened wrinkles, smooth and tightened skin and a complexion with a youthful texture and tone.

The skin’s natural collagen production peaks three months post treatment but results can be seen for up to two years.

Recommended treatment schedule for maximum results is 3 x facials, spaced 6 weeks apart.

10% off your first treatment*

*Offer is valid on selected services only. Excludes Wrinkle Reduction Injections. When more than one services is undertaken, the most expensive treatment will be discounted. No cash alternative. Quote Shimeøn10 when booking your appointment.
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